September 20, 2011


To all Members,


We would like to draw your attention on various incidents of personal attacks specially last week on our members and their workers in our industrial area by the criminals or anti social elements, in which some of our workers suffered bullet injuries. Frequent incidents of decoities in which 10 to 15 armed men entered into the factories by force at night over powered the guards and other staff and took away valuable goods at gun point by loading trucks from various factories.

In such dangerous and alarming situation a meeting was convened on Monday 19th of September at Association office between members of Association and S.P. Gaddap Town Mr. Mohammad Altaf Malik 0300-2466007, SHO Sohrab Goth Police Station Mr. Arif Afridi 0300-9279956 and Incharge Industiral area Police Check post Mr. Rana Haseeb 0300-9233982. Mr. Aslam Rayaz (Acting President) in coordination with law enforcement agencies to improve the law & order situation in the industrial area have taken some policy decisions for strengthening the police force of the area and ensure safety and security of all respectable Members and their staff . He urged that every industry will have to play its vital role in this regards. He also appealed to the industrialists of the area to take following measures to help in bringing the Law & order situation under control. It has been decided to increase police force in our area and association will provide 10 motorcycles including 10 association guards to police force and patrolling of police personals along with association guards .This strategy will help to improve security of the area but shall have financial implications which can only be addressed with support of our respectable Members.

Your kind co operation is required immediately as things are getting bad to worst and need our immediate attention.

  1. To install surveillance cameras atleast at your factory gate with proper Lighting arrangement.
  2. Monthly subscription is being requested to increase to Rs. 5,000/= per month in Association fund. Initially submit contribution for three months i.e. Rs. 15,000/= for October, November and December 2011., by cross cheque or pay order in favour of “SITE SUPER HIGHWAY ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRY”. Association is arranging a recovery officer in this regard and all respectable Members are requested to instruct their respective personals to co operate with the gentleman and ensure timely payment.

Acting President also urged the police officials as well as the Members to stand united against acts of violence & terror that challenge the peace of the industrial area. We must act as one to contain the rapidly growing culture of street crimes that has become a menace and harassment to business operators and their workers as well and common people of the industrial area.

The S.P. Gaddap Town is going to raise the police force despite their limited resources as he announced to provide 6 police commandos to industrial area police check post. The 6 police commandos are being exclusively use for patrolling in industrial area in first phase. At our side the Association is being provided 6 private guards and 6 motor cycles in first phase (with running facilities of petrol and maintenance) for patrolling along with police commandos for the safety and security to industrial area and to contain the anti social elements.

Therefore, you are once again requested to please join hands with Association to curb the criminals and their activities in industrial area.

With best regards,



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